While releasing minimal pieces with delicate smoothness and supple rhythm himself, Takashi Himeoka, producer and DJ from Kyoto, Japan, is known to play outside the box with pieces from a wide range of styles. He started making music in 2010 after finishing a university education in philosophy and art. Taking part in numerous events and projects in his hometown Kyoto cultivated his skills and techniques as a DJ. After moving his base to Tokyo in 2014, he released his first record Tamayura EP from RORA, a label based in Switzerland. Tamayura EP was quickly recognized both in and out of the country making its way to number one on record store charts everywhere. He continued his career releasing EPs, compilations, and remixes from the finest labels. His unique playing style made possible by his extraordinary musical sensitivity and passionate record digging can be seen in venues not only all around Tokyo, but all across Asia, such as Shanghai and Bali.