Sergio Moreira is the man behind Slow Life Records. The type of guy who spends all his life surrounded by machines establishing a dialogue with them, in order to squeeze out every single breath they could possibly make. Yet, before he became a “lab rat” he had entered into an intense relationship with all things percussion. You can hear the previous love in all of his productions.

The Slow Life concept has become an analog militia, under the command of a man who takes every kick and drum as a matter of state. Either 4×4 or Broken Beats, the rhythm section is truly important in every record Slow Life has delivered.

Sergio Moreira, born in Spain and based in Berlin, is also a commander who doesn’t require the accolades or be in the center of the picture, his role belongs purely to the music. With only a few records released out there, but with plans for many more to come, Slow Life established itself as a massive breath of fresh air to the deep house and techno scene.

Together with Djs Cecilio, Laurine and Dj Tree, the collective focuses their time on digging out old and new sounds that define their sound movement with Sergio focused on developing the Live show element for Slow Life that won´t take any prisoners. His live shows have already appointed him as the “man to watch” for the next years.

His sound likes to live in between genres, even with Slow Life being usually catalogued as a Deep House label. His music flirts with Techno, Dub, Broken Beats and Jazz, rejecting any specific attachment to any sub genre or hype, allowing the music speak for itself. To know the man behind the Slow Life records is to know the sound of S.Moreira. His mission can be truly experienced only through his live shows.

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