Experiencing from the beginning, step by step, the evolution of the electronic scene in Montevideo and influenced since very young by the most avant-garde sounds, nowadays there’s no doubt whatsoever about his being the most relevant model in the Uruguayan scene, after the great influence he has already stamped in several generations of local artists.

Playing for 20 friends at an after-hours or for 1000 people at some club, one can easily recognize Edu by a natural characteristic of his: the connection and the trance he is able to create in his audience. Certain dj’s manage to go beyond the barrier of just playing music and create an atmosphere with a different energy, a result of mixing good music selection, according to each moment, and an exquisite technique to mix it. These are two features that have marked Eduardo Cardozo aka DJ KOOLT and MR. KOOLT since his very beginnings. Dj Koolt is one of the greatest exponents of the Uruguayan underground scene and a faithful collector of vinyl records. He also earned an European recognition by playing in many great parties such as FUSE (Brussels), Closer (Kiev), Club Eden (Bucharest), Closer (Kiev), Cartulis Music (London), Concrete(Paris), RED58 (Barcelona), OHM and Hoppetosse (Berlin), Goa (Rome) and much more.

In 2013, he and two friends opened Phonoteque, the only club 100% devoted to Underground electronics in Uruguay and one of the best in the region. Few months after opening, Phonoteque became an important reference point at a national and international level and promoting their own style and distancing itself from conventional electronic music.

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