Basement Space is an artist molded by the musical era of his birth. Born 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden he was a child heavily influenced by Hip-Hop, 2-step, Garage and Drum & Bass, which is something that clearly could be heard in his music. Surrounded by the sonic environment of modular synthesizers he spends all hours of the day in the studio experimenting and creating his otherworldly soundscapes with trippy arpeggios, dreamy pads and his signature square bass.

Self taught he started out his productions in 2010 in huge basement shared with several other local DJ’s in central Stockholm. Originally coming from a background without any previous experience playing an instrument or having dealt with production on a professional level, in 2014 he decided to study audio engineering, and music theory at Studio Blue, A place with a specialty for Hi-Fi productions and research within audio and human hearing.

Basement Space music is something that can only truly be explored through his live performances where he let’s his music speak for itself. This is where you will get the full experience of his intensifying breakbeats, smooth jazzy melodies and cosmic soundscapes that will move your mind through surreal places.

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